This is just a short post to allay any concerns about the mudslides in Xi’an and in the Shaanxi province. Please rest assured that Katie and I are fine. I was unaware until someone emailed me to see if the part of Xi’an that I work and live was affected by the recent torrential rains and mudslides. It seems that a side effect of being in a new place, new culture and in a new job is that my life has become very insulated.

On my arrival to Xi`an the region had received about 2 weeks of rain and since my arrival it has rained the majority of the time. We were informed that it is the rainy season and the region is dealing with excessive rain. I was pretty amazed that the city was able to cope with the excessive amount of rain better than many of the Canadian cities that I know… London and Halifax. Today’s weather: sunny with cloudy periods.

My thoughts are with the victims of the massive mudslides.

If you are interested in information about the mudslides you can find them at:

CCTV is the Chinese state’s English news TV channel, link.

China Daily is the largest English print news in China, link.

CNN is a large American media portal, link.