Got my haircut the other day. I had to go to a hair stylist since I was not confident in a men’s barber to cut my hair since the number of men that I have seen with long hair is approaching the limit of zero. The hair salon it was. Turns out the place is quite a bit fancier than the places that I usually get my hair cut. After getting a my hair washed and a serious scalp scrubbing I was ushered into a chair and handed a magazine of women’s hair styles to look through in order to find the style that I preferred. It was with the help of my very dear friend Wu Yu Cui, who brought me to get my hair cut, that I was able to get across to the hair stylist that I just wanted a basic shorter cut of my present hair style, we agreed on a suitable length based on a photo of a women’s hair style that I was sure I did not want have. I kept a close watch on where the hair cut was going. When the hair dresser was finished it was perfect amazing that hair dressers just know. The whole ordeal cost me less than $5 CAD.

Purchased a camera yesterday. So expect to see some pictures in the near future, once I figure out how to get them into wordpress, that is. Thank you for your patience and reading my blog without pictures to this point.

If life was not complex enough, this blog illuminates the many ways humans can become more confounding. I didn’t believe it myself but it is true. In October 2010, Shaanxi Normal University tested female stand up urinals. A little investigation reveals that the university wanted women to stand up to urinate to save water. Urinals are supposed to require less water than regular school toilets.

An incredible request to change the social and biological habits of women at the university in order to save water. But rest assured that the success of this pilot project is difficult to determine since, I was told, that the restroom that holds these new urinals does not regularly stock the paper funnels, the essential utensils for female stand up urination. Did they run out of the funnels? Or was there an silent movement of non-cooperation within the staff? In the end, a few questions remain. Paper or plastic? No, seriously, this project is saving water but will use more paper. And the more important question: What are men on campus being asked to do in the quest to save water?